My name is Thomas and as the owner I'd like to welcome you to Barbecue And Booze.

We are a small business located in Lubbock TX specializing in products related to the things you love.

What We Are About

Well since this is the "About Us" page I guess I should tell a little about us. You know when your're working your 9 to 5, and all you can think about all week is the weekend. The Barbecue, or the night out, or just when it's game time and the beer will be flowing. That's a lifestyle! That's the hard working blue collar life that we serve. See we don't just sell stuff about BBQ and Booze, we also sell custom merchandise that celebrates the people that live that lifestyle. We celebrate the jobs and hobbies of those people. Because we are those people and that's who we love. (A bit corny but true)

What Do We Sell

Our catalog and inventory are ever expanding includes T-Shirts, Cell Phone Cases, Koozies, Mousepads, Games, Signs, and a few other things. We are even working on a line custom Beer Steins. 

Can I Browse Your Catalog

Well, for somethings yes. However a large part of our catalog is items that we only offer for limited times and discount prices. These items are usually not available all the time so we don't list them until they are actually available for purchase.

Where Does It Come From

Now we can't say that everything we sell is made in the U.S.A., but all of our products are shipped from within the U.S. This prevents the month long shipping times that you get with other stores. We also offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell so you can shop with confidence.

Contact Info:

If you need to contact us the fastest way is through Facebook. We monitor our page pretty much 24/7. You can message us on there by clicking here. Or by clicking on the message icon in the lower right corner.

You can also leave a message here on the site by clicking here. We check these a few times a day.

Or you can shoot us an email at